Where am I ?

That's a great question. Humans ask themselves that every now and again. Now imaging being in an over 3 million sqft convention hall. Yikes! Not knowing the answer can become extremely frustrating and overwhelming. With complex questions, we often needs simple solutions. That is is exactly what Third Floor went out to achieve.

Combining Technologies

GPS, MSE, Beacons. Let's use them all. Every problem doesn't always have one solution to an answer. We feel the same way about the use of technology. The Cox Wayfinding App, does just this. Depending on multiple variables, we use multiple technologies to help the user along their way to their desired location.
  • Beacons
  • MSE
  • GPS
  • Multiplatform

Technology, Design and most importantly Function.

Events happen daily at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Some of you have probably been to there once or twice for a convention. With over 3 million sqft of space and thousands of booths, we needed to come up with an intuitive solution to get attendees from point A to point B with ease.

Navigating the Las Vegas Convention Center with ease.