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Third Floor is excited to work with Bentley to push the boundaries of digital innovation and creativity through meaningful and useful applications.

UX/UI – R & D – Web –  App –  Experiential

Third Floor and Bentley collaborate to unleash cutting-edge lead generative technology to Bentley dealership showrooms, digital spaces and events.

Plug & Play Leads

Designed for showrooms and events, this app makes it easy to connect registration and leads to any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Dealer Management System (DMS), allowing dealerships to effortlessly send data straight to Bentley for more precise leads.

Filter Through the Noise

Third Floor is a proud partner of vAuto, providing our clients with access to a comprehensive vehicle feed that allows them to take full advantage of the data available to them. For Bentley dealerships, this means an opportunity to elevate their online presence and create a truly branded experience for their customers. With our advanced filtering capabilities, dealerships can easily sort through the feed and identify only Bentley vehicles, giving them the ability to create custom and engaging experiences tailored to their specific brand.

Third Floor empowers Bentley dealerships to break away from generic websites and provide an user experience that truly represents the luxury and prestige of the Bentley brand, while being fully compliant.