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Rock Solid Cloud Computing


Third Floor is honored to work with Microsoft Azure to  unleashing the full potential of the cloud with unparalleled design and technology.

UX/UI  – Branding –  Web –  Social

Our goal was to create branding and design for Azure cloud computing by developing a cohesive and compelling visual identity and messaging strategy for the cloud platform. Our approach focused on enhancing the user experience by combining visually appealing design elements with a practical and accessible layout. Our collaboration with Microsoft Azure resulted in a UI/UX that is not only sleek and modern but also tailored to the needs of diverse users.

Embodying the Cloud

Microsoft Azure’s logo is a symbol of the limitless possibilities offered by cloud technology. We designed a logo that fuses simplicity and elegance, reflecting the ease of use and efficiency of Microsoft’s cloud services. The emblem features an abstract cloud shape formed by converging lines, signifying the interconnected nature of Azure’s services. This memorable and distinctive logo stands out in the crowded tech market while reinforcing the brand’s commitment to innovation and progress.

Light Blue


Dark Blue


Light Grey


Cloud Computing From Anywhere

With the increasing demand for on-the-go cloud management, we designed a responsive mobile experience for Azure that marries elegance with functionality. Our sleek design optimizes touch interactions and ensures effortless management of resources, all while maintaining the distinct Azure visual identity.