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Redefining luxury and technology

rolls royce

UX/UI – R & D – VR – AR – Web3 –  Digital – App

Third Floor welcomes you to dive into the world of immersive experiences we’ve crafted for Rolls Royce, a beacon of luxury and sophistication. As lovers of digital transformation, we’ve brought the quintessence of Rolls Royce to life through a symphony of UX/UI design, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), a Virtual Showroom, and groundbreaking R&D.

Crafting an exquisite digital experience for Rolls Royce demanded a meticulous approach, ensuring every pixel and interaction reflected the brand’s DNA

Augment your driving experience with Rolls Royce’s AR magic

Elevating the luxury experience to another dimension, our AR solutions allow clients to visualize their customized Rolls Royce within their own environment. By blending the real and the digital, we’ve created an interactive playground, enabling clients to explore every curve and detail, and appreciate the unrivaled harmony of design and engineering that is Rolls Royce.

Augment your driving experience with Rolls Royce’s AR magic

Our immersive experiences are set within captivating virtual environments that evoke a sense of awe and wonder. Inspired by the architecture of Rolls Royce showrooms and the serene beauty of the countryside, these meticulously crafted landscapes envelop clients in an atmosphere of serenity and luxury, forging an unforgettable connection with the brand.

Pioneering Luxury

Our groundbreaking Virtual Showroom takes client engagement to unparalleled heights. Enter a realm of sophistication and elegance, where clients can explore, customize, and discover their dream Rolls Royce in a photorealistic environment. The Virtual Showroom sets a new benchmark for online automotive experiences, redefining the way luxury automobiles are presented and purchased in the digital era.